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Welcome to IP Media's Online Real Estate Listings Management Console exclusively for Licensed Real Estate offices throughout Australia.

After completing the following registration process, your application will be processed by our Administration Staff and after approval you will receive an account approval confirmation email upon which you will then be able to login to the IP Media Listings management Console and add listings or supply login credentials to your Portal Company. This email will also contain important IP Media contact information.

Over the past 13 years we have developed a unique marketing strategy for your listings, we utilize multiple front end websites to display your listings to a broader audience of potential buyers and seller alike, all participating agencies can be found on 4 web sites together with all your active listings. IP Media has grown from what was originally (Australian Property Access) launched in 1995, since then we have developed a new system and migrated to domain names more appropriate for todays internet market.

As we are not a publicly listed company and Independently owned & operated we do not need to maintain extravagant profits to appease share holders, which means we can operate at a much lower running cost and this is reflected in our exceptionally low fees, making it the most affordable Real Estate Listings System in Australia.

After the 6 month trial period you will have full unrestricted access to IP Media's Real Estate Management system for the LOW MONTHLY FEE OF $220 inc if you choose to keep your account active.

Key Features:

SEO & User Friendly WebSites
- Listings easily found and indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc
- Clean Simple listings display
- Minimal third party advertising strategically placed as to not detract from Listing itself (banks, brokers, travel companies, etc)
- Display of listing agents contact details
- Map display of Listing location (Suburb shown if address hidden in listing management)

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If you have moved location, changed name or exchanged ownership of the business and you already have advertised and/or registered for the Macs Publishing Property Extra Magazine there is NO need to register again.

Please contact our support department as we will be able to assist you in editing your details on your existing account.

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